APQP – Advanced Product Quality Planning

In the 1960's – a Jet Engine had 3,000 Parts, it now has 20,000! How Do You Keep Up?

APQP is a complex process. The application of this automotive derived standard is being considered by Aerospace – Primes/OEM’s as they look at new ways to improve operational performance and reduce risk resulting from their many quality B2B activities such as the collection, review and approval of a multitude of documents regarding: design robustness, testing and specification compliance; production process design; quality inspection standards; process and production capacity; packaging, and product testing to operator training.

Our TRUcentrix™ secure online APQP tracking application allows Suppliers to:

  • provide status updates for all assigned APQP tasks.
  • upload associated deliverables for Primes/OEM’s review and approval.

TRUcentrix™ APQP Tracking Forms:

  • Used to track the APQP for all parts being produced by external suppliers.
  • Contain custom information about the part, Supplier and aerospace vehicle program & contains an embedded APQP task list.
  • APQP Task List (and any associated reference attachments) is populated from a Task List Template on the server. Ad-hoc tasks and sub-tasks may be added as well.
  • APQP tasks & sub-tasks encompass the 5 major milestones of APQP product development.
  • Suppliers can download a document template for offline editing, update their progress online & later upload the completed document by an assigned due date.
  • Custom “roll-up” reports provide Primes/OEM’s up-to-date status on all aspects of the product launch.

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