Buyer and Supplier Collaboration

By: Karen Bieniek on July 5th, 2013


buyer-supplier-collabIn today’s complex and competitive manufacturing industry, building and maintaining strong relationships across global communities remains as important as ever. Buyer and supplier collaboration, though sometimes problematic, can be significantly beneficial relationship for both parties. Innovation, financial performance, speed and satisfaction count among the improvements many companies enjoy in the wake of good alliances and successful buyer-supplier collaboration, not to mention reduction in costs.
Successful partnerships are built with trust and communication, and in such collaborations, the fast and secure transfer of data is key to maintaining confidence and maximizing the alliance. The forward momentum of the industry and the innovation driven by collaboration rely on this very cooperation.
The use of FTP and emails, though functional, are no longer the most effective means for employees to manage the necessary tasks associated with today’s complex manufacturing environment. Not to mention the security issues, email does not handle large files well and FTP is subject to difficulties from an administration standpoint. Both of these methods account for problems and hold-ups that hinder efficiency and increase risk.
Where buyer and supplier need to quickly and securely collaborate online, Trubiquity technology can help. TRUcentrix™ is Trubiquity’s answer to troubled data flow and failing communication systems. It allows customers to share information with their global partners and suppliers while in full control of shared data and with assurance of compliance mandates. The ability to securely manage documents on a huge scale across different teams, countries, and time frames while seeing it all in real-time is a distinct advantage.

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