Collaboration & Visibility Technology Bring Value to Global Enterprise

By: Karen Bieniek on February 28th, 2014


Despite cultural, legal, technological and geographic barriers, today’s manufacturers must join forces to drive product innovation and competitiveness. In an environment of strategic alliances, joint venture partnerships and global supply chains, companies’ need fast and easy access to a secure working environment that fosters collaboration, visibility and process efficiency. For global manufacturers, the ability to control and monitor the flow of information among their internal and external business boundaries regardless of the platform, system, or applications used by their partners and/or suppliers is essential.
Here are some means to increase collaboration, visibility and process efficiency among your enterprise and global supplier network:
Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities allow for the safe sharing of large and/or sensitive files outside a company’s trusted network.  Offering the reliability, security and speed of file transfers with no file size or type limits, it provides the peace of mind that comes from user authentication and authorization, private key encryption, and real-time visibility of all file transfer activity.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities that automatically send and process business transactions across disparate systems are key to process efficiency.  Using common information formats, it eliminates incompatibility and allows for the seamless transfer of data between two organizations or “trading partners”. EDI reduces manual, paper-based processes resulting in reduced administrative and personnel costs. It also increases the speed at which large volumes of commercial data can be communicated between systems as well as eliminates errors from manual data entry. Use of digital message formats that match the correct communication protocol of a manufacturer’s customer, partner or supplier while ensuring compliance provides for better logistics management and a boost to productivity.
Supply Chain Collaboration & Business Process Automation capabilities allow enterprises to work in partnership with others while facilitating the innovation and idea generation necessary to maintain a competitive edge. They help to empower multi-enterprise project teams to use a collaborative approach which increases productivity through reduced project completion times.  For example, a major Tier 1 automotive supplier deployed an application to automate the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and track the multi-party collection, monitoring and approval of hundreds of quality documents required within this process.  The resulting benefit to the customer was a 40% reduction in time spent managing the process.
Application Integration in Support of Streamlined Product Design allows for the quick and secure exchange of proprietary engineering and manufacturing data directly from internal CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP systems.   Files can optionally be converted into neutral file formats and quality checked before sending; ensuring that design information is both accurate and readable by remote suppliers when shared.   At the same time, it ensures security of our customers’ intellectual property, providing both visibility and traceability while maintaining the free flow of information outside the firewall.   This is of vital importance for any manufacturer in today’s fast-paced and competitive global economy.
Collaboration, Visibility, Seamless Systems & Process Flows – A Top Priority for Supply Chains
The May 2013, the Aberdeen Group report entitled “Supply Chain Visibility – A Critical Strategy to Optimize Cost and Service” indicates that collaboration and visibility across a global supply chain is a top priority among enterprises.  It states that companies “hope to address rising supply chain costs with more seamless systems and process flows both within their own company and within their extended supplier base.”  (Figure 3: Top Strategic Actions – Collaboration, Visibility).
Trubiquity Technology – Collaboration, Visibility, Seamless Systems & Process Flows for Global Manufacturers
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