Our Name is Our Promise.

It’s a combination of ‘truly’ and ‘ubiquitous.’


We are a “true” and genuine leader in the managed file transfer (MFT), automation and process integration field.

Ubiquitous -

Describes our ability to connect organizations and their business partners all the time, everywhere, around the globe.


We offer our customers a ‘truly ubiquitous’ solution.

What We Do

We improve our customers’ ability to control and protect the flow of data within their business and among external partners with award winning software solutions.


As trusted advisors, we understand the scope and diversity of our customers’ business processes from “innovation to commerce”We utilize that knowledge to provide flexible managed file transfer (MFT), automation and integration solutions through a variety of deployment options such as Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid models.

Our Customers

Founded in 1995, we have long served the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, finance and consumer goods industries. Most recently, we have also begun serving the healthcare segment. We help 6,500 companies from Fortune 500 to small business and more than 60,000 users manage data flow in 40 countries.

Our Ownership

Acquired in June 2007, Kinderhook Industries is a private equity firm that manages $770 million of committed capital. The firm was established to capitalize on the principals’ expertise acquiring middle market companies. Kinderhook is a licensed Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) with the U.S. Small Business Administration.


Solution Overview


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