We provide our customers the ability to rapidly configure, deploy and scale collaborative business applications within a private-community without investing in expensive hosting infrastructure and IT support resources.The popularity of Cloud-based solutions is growing exponentially, important security, availability, and administrative features are at the forefront when selecting a Cloud based application provider. We’ve been servicing the needs of demanding global enterprises for decades. We are committed to the highest physical, administrative and technical security standards to protect our clients’ privacy and ensure business continuity. 

Security Highlights


  • User Authentication:  Configurable user authentication settings including:
    • Minimum and maximum password age limits
    • Password length and format restrictions
    • Account lockouts after a configurable number of failed login attempts
    • Automatic account deactivation after a configurable period of inactivity
    • Optional “Forgot Password” function with configurable “Password Hint” options
    • Forced re-authentication during an electronic approval activity
    • Audit trail reporting
  • Community/User Management: 
    • Administrators control the additions to each Community and establish the visibility between users in collaborative scenarios.
    • Permissions based provisioning for partners to manage users without allowing access to Community-level security controls.
    • User permissions can be determined individually or by role allowing complete access control
  • Encryption:
    • Connections are encrypted during transmission using 256-bit SSL encryption
    • Several encryption options are available for data at rest to meet specific customer or regulatory standards
  • Data Centers/Network Security:
    • Multiple data centers
    • State-of-the-art physical security, fire suppression and uninterruptible backup power systems.
    • Network is monitored 24/7 and intrusion detection software is used to identify external threats