E-Invoicing Standard: ZUGFeRD

zugferdElectronic Invoicing Capabilities in PDF format and to Support
E-Invoicing Standard ZUGFeRD

Trubiquity’s EDI capabilities provide built-in support for all common communication protocols & standards as well as the ability to manage data flows with both EDI and non-EDI enabled trading partners – anytime, anywhere, regardless of system configuration. To keep current with the latest EDI standards, we now offer creation & transmission of invoices in a PDF format.


Support of Future E-Invoicing Standard ZUGFeRD


Going beyond EDI in accordance with VDA, EDIFACT, and ANSI standards for electronic invoices, Trubiquity now offers the creation & transmission of invoices in a PDF format. This is a significant benefit for global manufacturers, as they can now easily provide electronic invoices to non-EDI partners. With this expanded offering, we will also provide support for the forthcoming e-invoicing standard ZUGFeRd (Central User Guide of the Form electronic Invoice Germany).


ZUGFeRD can be used worldwide


The new standard, provided by FeRD (Forum electronic Invoice Germany) in June 2013 as an advance version, can be used immediately in financial and accounting software with the new data format to be completed in 2014. The ZUGFeRD format is based on a UN/CEFACT invoicing standard, an ISO standard for PDF delivery, and European recommendations for sending electronic messages. Germany is the first Member State of the European Union to provide a data format for sending electronic invoices, based on international standards, and that can be used worldwide.


Trubiquity offers its customers two options regarding the new e-invoicing standard: as either as a pure PDF invoice or as a PDF invoice with integrated encryption.


For more information about TRUedx click here and for ZUGFeRD please visit: www.ferd-net.de (German).


Trubiquity — Member of E-Invoicing Alliance Germany


In January 2013, Trubiquity became a member of the E-Invoicing Alliance Germany (VeR Verband elektronische Rechnung e.V.) as E-invoicing is increasingly important to businesses that recognize the benefits and potential savings of using electronic invoices in B2B document exchange. Our involvement with the E-Invoicing Alliance Germany allows us to share our expertise in providing companies with technical information, cost advantages, compliance and quality standards critical in the implementation of e-invoicing projects.