Product Notifications

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Notification

Rocket Software takes security and the integrity of your data very seriously. All products installed in our datacenters as well as those supplied to customers as enterprise installations have been evaluated to determine if they have been affected by the Open SSL Heartbleed bug.

TRUcentrix™ – some systems were affected, have been patched and the server certificates changed. Customers using the affected systems have been notified.

TRUfusion Enterprise™ – some enterprise (customer on-site only) installations could be hosted on an affected Apache web server.

Below is a link to the Heartbleed test to help customers determine if their Apache server is affected. Patches for the Apache web servers can be downloaded from the Apache website.
Heartbleed test:

All other products, including TRUedx™, TRUeurex-c™, TRUfusion Enterprise™ (see exception above), TRUexchange™, TRUsource™ and TRUdocs™, were not affected by the Open SSL Heartbleed bug.

Please refer any Heartbleed bug questions to Steve Bireley at:
For general product support, please contact us at: