Increasing Collaboration with Application Integration

By: Karen Bieniek on July 15th, 2013


increasing-collab-w-app-intThe truly agile organization relies on access to timely information to make accurate strategic decisions. The more data that can be placed at stakeholders’ disposal, the better informed, and therefore less risky, these decisions become.
Where an organization operates clearly defined business units, each tends to be underpinned by its own data platform, making access to information from across the company more difficult. Where customer service data is isolated from order history for instance, it becomes harder to gain a holistic overview of the account in question, leading to key insights and opportunities being missed.
Replacing disparate systems with a single platform that acts as a definitive point of contact may seem the obvious, although costly solution, but the same levels of transparency and collaboration can be achieved using enterprise application integration to link existing systems. In this way, data can be shared across the company without implementing a replacement platform or having to train staff in using new software. Business units can continue to operate according to existing processes with the added advantage of access to more information thus increasing operational efficiency and decision-making.
Enterprise Application Integration is most often used to improve internal collaboration, but the same principles apply to external systems — presenting the opportunity to share data with partners directly. By linking data platforms externally, partners can quickly access pertinent information without the usual disconnects associated with personal requests. Requests are also no longer subject to the delays associated with waiting for a partner to locate and pass-on the requested information. As with internal application integration projects, the goal is to increase the flow of relevant information to the right people, as and when required.
Trubiquity offer a number of integration options, which can be deployed in-house or in the Cloud to help speed data exchange and increase collaboration internally and externally. Trubiquity’s TRUedx EDI solution is one of them — linking disparate systems can speed business decision-making, product development and assist with supply chain management issues, among others.

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