ITAR Compliance

ITAR Compliance Software


Maintaining ITAR compliance can be challenging while trying to balance a high level of efficiency with regard to secure supplier collaboration. The TRUcentrix supplier collaboration solution gives Trubiquity unique capabilities in meeting the requirements of the aerospace and defense industries while maintaining a high level of collaborative ease across the supply chain. In fact, the TRUcentrix platform was initially developed as a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded initiative within Lockheed Martin’s Palo Alto Research Lab. Governance risk compliance is a key consideration of TRUcentrix’s design as a powerful compliance software tool rooted in the aerospace industry to address the specific concerns the industry was facing, including:


  • The need for strict cost and quality controls
  • Aggressive scheduling requirements
  • The challenges of cross-firewall communications with many different partners (each with disparate IT infrastructures)
  • Compliance with regulatory entities such as ITAR or government data exchange mandates such as CITIS
  • The essential nature of accurate, traceable communication when it comes to avoiding costly mistakes

When evaluating ITAR software, you want to know that it is reliable. Hundreds of integrated data environments have been created on TRUcentrix to help a broad spectrum of companies within the aerospace and defense industries to maintain ITAR compliance. TRUcentrix’s security record is unblemished, and its intuitive interface means your teams will reach full platform proficiency with little or no training.


Now is the time to fully leverage your strategic collaborations with customers, suppliers and partners with TRUcentrix.