Merger from TruQuality GmbH to Trubiquity GmbH


December, 2009

We are pleased to announce that the merger from TruQuality GmbH, Dynamostraße 3, 68165 Mannheim, to Trubiquity GmbH as the incorporating organization has taken place with retroactive effect from 01.04.2009 by registration in the commercial register Mannheim, HRB 706115.

Based on the merger of both companies Trubiquity has established itself in Germany as a solution provider with international reach who is delivering products and services for the automated exchange of technical data and consolidating the know-how of specialist companies with a customer-focused business model. In addition, we will use the streamlined organizational structure to further enhance our performance and our quality of service to our customers.

Following the registration in the commercial register, your existing contracts with TruQuality GmbH are automatically being devolved to Trubiquity GmbH as the legal successor without an obligation for you to formally agree.

On grounds of the merger, the company TruQuality GmbH ceases to exist and therefore we kindly ask our customers, vendors and service providers to send all future communication to the below address:

Trubiquity GmbH
Postfach 20 13 01
D-53143 Bonn

With regard to communication and invoices from our vendors and service providers, please use the following address only:

Trubiquity GmbH
Postfach 20 13 01
D-53143 Bonn

Please also make a note of the new banking account details effective with immediate effect:

Commerzbank AG
BLZ 380 400 07
Account No. 1 031 731
IBAN DE51 3804 0007 0103 1731 00

Other than that, there will be no further changes for you to note.

We thank you in advance for forwarding this information to all relevant departments in your organization (Contract Department, Accounting etc.).

We’re looking forward to our continued collaboration based on a trustful partnership with your enterprise.

Sincerely yours
Trubiquity GmbH

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