Why MFT beats email – Part 1 – File Security

By: Karen Bieniek on November 18th, 2013


In a knowledge economy, access to data is critical to success. Employees, partners and customers all need simple and quick methods to use, share and collaborate on data assets. Often this is done simply by emailing files, but there are several pitfalls to this approach.
File Security
Emailing files is simple, but it also presents several risks to company intellectual property. Restricting access to files within the company network is relatively easy. However, once sensitive data is sent outside the corporate network, control over what happens to it is ceded to the recipient.
Files transmitted via email are also subject to interception, misaddressing or automatic forwarding to people other than the intended recipient. In this scenario, business data could be used maliciously or sold to competitors thereby causing expense and a damaged reputation.
Managed File Transfer (MFT) systems, such as Trubiquity’s TRUexchange solution can resolve these issues without making data transfer and collaboration more complex. Files are held in a central store with access restricted to community users ensuring only the intended recipient can download a copy. Files are also encrypted while in transit, preventing interception and theft. If security of data is paramount, MFT beats email every time.

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