Why MFT beats email – Part 4 – Increased Corporate Responsibility

By: Karen Bieniek on December 9th, 2013


Collaboration between business units improves internal efficiency, just as working more closely with supply chain partners to share data can improve time to market, product development and order fulfilment. The method of transferring this information can further improve operational efficiency, particularly if email is removed as the default mechanism.
In Parts 1 to 3 of this series, we looked at some of the technical shortcomings of email as a tool for collaborative data sharing. In Part 4, we look at one of the secondary benefits that a managed file transfer solution offers – increased corporate responsibility.
“Green” file transfer
In “Why MFT beats email – Part 3”, the issues surrounding ever-increasing storage needs were discussed. In addition to requiring larger data storage capabilities, businesses using email for file transfer also attract additional costs associated with running larger data centers.
Spiralling energy costs, along with the drive to become more ‘sustainable’ means that many enterprise-class organizations are looking to reduce power consumption wherever possible. If physical servers and data centers can be consolidated or reduced, so too can power demands and the carbon footprint of the business. Data files remain in their original location without being duplicated across email message stores.
It follows therefore, that by facilitating transfer of data without increasing storage requirements using MFT, a business will automatically reduce consumption. An organization becomes better placed to meet its corporate responsibility targets, without compromising on data sharing with partners.
Trubiquity’s Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions like TRUexchange offer a simple alternative that can help consolidate file storage, reducing physical server requirements and associated electrical consumption. Files are transferred securely in and out of the company network without creating duplicates, ensuring unimpeded collaboration between knowledge workers, regardless of location. And by maintaining a single, definitive copy of shared information, TRUexchange can help businesses attain their corporate social responsibility targets.

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