New VDA Standards — Current Situation & Developments

vda_newsThe move to standardize on Global EDIFACT based messages is to be applauded by the German automotive industry. The motivation to go global with EDI messages is promoted by the following reasons*:

  • Business processes have changed, new scenarios have evolved and the old VDA messages are no longer adequate.
  • The requirements from business process owners have increased: logistics and procurement generate pressure to react more quickly and allow for more flexibility with regard to the requirements of new processes.

Currently various leading German OEMs are working on the implementation of Global Invoice VDA Standard 4938. In addition to prime manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers on the front line need to provide this new global standard to their customers and suppliers as well.
Trubiquity Supports Global Invoice VDA Standard 4938 Compliance
Trubiquity’s TRUedx™ solution makes it easy to transition to the new VDA 4938 standard for the electronic data exchange of accounting data as the processing of VDA4938 is included as standard with the solution.
Whether it is electronic invoices and/or credit notes, Trubiquity technology can convert VDA 4906/08 to the new VDA 4938 standard. Our EDI capabilities provide built-in support for all common communication protocols and standards. An important benefit is that TRUedx™ provides the ability to manage data flows with both EDI and non-EDI enabled trading partners regardless of time, location or system configuration.
As new standards are developed and other VDA messages are replaced by new standards, Trubiquity will provide support as well.
Newly defined message standards are:

  • Global DELFOR VDA 4984 – Delivery forecast & instruction
  • Global DELJIT VDA 4985 – JIT delivery instruction
  • Global DESADV VDA 4987 – Despatch Advice (ASN)

In addition, the Global Invoice VDA Standard 4938 may be replicated in other industries as the VDA is considering implementing it in automotive-related sectors.
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*Report on Odette 2012 Conference (December 3-4, 2012, Berlin)