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OFTP2 is the new communication protocol that has been implemented by Odette (Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe). It is being used to standardize the protocol communication for large file transfers and traditional EDI within many industries, most notably, the automotive industry in Europe.


OFTP2 allows for cost-effective and efficient transfer of business data over the internet. By using bandwidth available over the world wide web, you will experience an increase in your transfer speeds. OFTP2 also offers the security of point-to-point data transfer that has been offered by OFTPv1. File size restrictions for transfers are also a thing of the past!

Trubiquity offers solutions that easily integrate with EDI systems and are already compatible with OFTP2. Trubiquity eliminates many of the complications that come with setting up VPN’s with products like TRUeurex-cTRUfusionTRUedx or TRUexchange.

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Advantages of OFTP2

Availability: You can use OFTP2 everywhere – Internet is globally available!
Speed: Moving a 500 MB file with OFTP coupled with ISDN, at 7kb/s, can take up to 20 hours to transfer. OFTP2 over a high speed internet connection can transmit the same file in 15 to 30 minutes.
Cost savings: Lower transfer costs.
Security: Use of state-of-the-art security mechanisms (i.e. security certificates) for channel protection, file encryption, document and end-to-end response signature.
File size: Larger files can be transfered for CAD/CAM/CAE.
Reliability: Restart broken transmissions, pull and push transfer.


Features in an Overview

Supports the following transport media:

  • TCP/IP on internet
  • TCP/IP over VPN, ENX, ANX, JNX, GNX…
  • X25/ISDN


  • Authentication
  • Session encryption
  • File encryption & compression
  • Electronic signature on files and end-to-end responses

Meets special SASIG requirements:

  • Extending virtual file name
  • Supports the transport of files 10 giga-bytes
  • Uses international characters for file names (UTF-8 Unicode)

Push and pull data transfer


File restart




Since the internet is an open network, OFTP2 adds the necessary security features to the well known and heavily used Odette File Transfer Protocol OFTP.


Without OFTP2, file exchange via the internet can be dangerous because your files will not be encrypted.



This is why OFTP2 implements three levels of security to ensure the highest security standards for sensible business data.



Three Levels of Security

I. Session security

  • Utilization of SSL/TLS encrypted TCP/IP communication links
  • Encryption of each single TCP/IP packet
  • Utilization of X509 certificates and CMS format for the data exchange


II. Encryption of the data

  • Utilization of asymmetric encryption


III. Signature and verification

  • Generating a hash of the data
  • Encryption of the hash with the own private key


*Quotes taken from Odette Document “OFTP2 Info Flyer
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