Adler Modemärkte AG

Automating B2B communications & integrating EDI and non-EDI enabled suppliers into the electronic supply and value added chain


Retail Industry / Fashion


A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Tailor-made Trubiquity EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions for a complex retail trade network


adler-pic-1Adler Modemärkte AG (ADLER), headquartered in Haibach near Aschaffenburg (Germany) is one of the leading and largest retail chains in Germany. ADLER offers a broad and extensive product range of ladies’ and men’s wear, footwear, in addition to clothing for children and infants. The ADLER Group sells its products through company owned retail stores and through an online shop at Adler has a workforce of around 4,400 employees and currently operates a total of 169 stores with the majority of locations in Germany and others in Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


ADLER receives materials and merchandise from approximately 200 suppliers, ranging from small non-EDI enabled manufacturers with limited technical means of business communication to large textile companies with state-of-the art EDI infrastructure.


Apart from ADLER’s self-operated EDI converter for major suppliers, through the use of Trubiquity’s Clearing Center as a data turntable and its suite of EDI solutions to connect and on-board suppliers, ADLER has an efficient, cost-effective, industry-compliant electronic data exchange process that meets their growing company needs. This affords ADLER fast, streamlined processes and the ability to continuously integrate existing or new trading partners into their supply and value added chain.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Problem addressed:

To remain competitive in the marketplace, retailers must have efficient replenishment processes and accommodate the rising trend of rapid fashion clothing collection turnover. EDI is a pivotal factor in the retail industry in this regard as it provides the efficient, cost-effective and error-free exchange of data as a part of the ordering, delivery and invoicing process. EDI also enables compliance with industry-specific standards as well as the application of concepts such as VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to raise sales revenues, avoid out of stock situations, and to reduce returns and write-offs.


In response to these trends and to further optimize business processes and efficiency in business communications, ADLER declared an objective to successively integrate their suppliers into the electronic supply and value added chain. The challenge would be to accommodate the automatic data processing of EDI business messages: invoices (INVOIC), article master data (PRICAT) or order responses (ORDRSP) within their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system; which come from the varied communication environments of its suppliers.

Drivers for change:

ADLER’s objective was to promote the digitalization of business processes with minimal technology and acquisition in an effort to gain active supplier involvement particularly from small and medium-sized suppliers.


While looking for a solution and service provider, ADLER evaluated the most efficient solutions available in the market. The choice was Trubiquity. In addition to its best-practice solutions, Trubiquity offers substantial long standing expertise as a global EDI solution and service partner for various large trading groups and has proven success in the on-boarding and integration of multiple suppliers into the retail supply chain.


Trubiquity now provides these suppliers an EDI connection to ADLER’s network of business partners so that this group of suppliers can meet ADLER’s electronic business communications requirements. Through use of Trubiquity’s suite of data management solutions, an EDIFACT interface, and a clearing center acting as the central data hub; all data is converted to the required ADLER in-house format and transferred to the ERP system of the company for further processing.


We Can Do This for You


adler-pic-2ADLER entrusted Trubiquity with the on-boarding and communication connection of their suppliers from initial preparation and testing to executing the system into practice.


Approximately half of ADLER’s suppliers were already employing some EDI methods while the remaining smaller suppliers managed their operations in a not yet EDI-enabled environment. In enabling ADLER’s entire supply base with EDI capabilities, Trubiquity provided their smaller producers with the ability to take part in electronic business communications without upfront investment in specialized EDI know-how or technical infrastructure.


Through use of Trubiquity’s B2B EDI solution, TRUedx™ WebEDI, non EDI-enabled businesses, including those with very low data traffic, quickly and easily became 100 percent EDI-capable and were not limited to data exchange with only the ADLER group. This was done by setting up an EDI connection in Trubiquity’s Clearing Center that enables suppliers to receive EDI messages, from ADLER, via a common web browser. This allowed for the secure handling of standard commercial data exchange processes with minimal technical complexity. As a further benefit, suppliers have the option to upgrade to Trubiquity’s TRUedx™ Connect which provides integration with their ERP system for a completely automated commercial data exchange process.


Here’s Proof of the Success

Considerable advantages in processes and customer-supplier relationships through automation


Initially, the main objective of the partnership between ADLER and Trubiquity was to provide ADLER suppliers with the ability to exchange electronic invoices (INVOIC) coupled with orders (ORDERS) for suppliers of NOS (Never Out of Stock) articles. This was followed by the implementation of additional EDI messages which included the entire EDI scenario for floor management by individual suppliers along with sub-processes ranging from provision of article master data (PRICAT), inventory report data (INVRPT), sales report (SLSRPT) to supply of goods (ORDRSP, ORDCHG).


Now, nearly all ADLER suppliers are successfully integrated into the electronic exchange of business data. Further, to ensure comprehensive service and maintain top performance of their EDI system, Trubiquity offers full EDI support to ADLER’s suppliers connected to Trubiquity’ Clearing Center.


“Our suppliers, and ultimately ADLER, benefit from Trubiquity’s professional EDI systems and best practice techniques which help all involved realize the anticipated process advantages. By automating cross-company data flow, we are able to promptly and efficiently manage the supply of goods according to need and process-related order, delivery and invoicing procedures.”– Roland Leitz, Prokurist und Bereichsleiter Informationstechnologie, Adler Modemärkte AG