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Aeroflex Microelectronics Solutions
Secure, centralized system for document control and collaboration


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A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Aeroflex Microelectronics Solutions is the innovator behind the high-reliability performance of many of today’s most sophisticated computer operations for industries as diverse as aerospace, high-altitude avionics, medicine, nuclear power, transportation, GPS, and networking and communications.


By implementing TRUcentrix, a secure web-based project management solution, Aeroflex would be able to centralize their document control and collaboration systems. Aeroflex could also realize increased productivity through email notifications when new documentation is ready for approval, an overall 20% time savings in document management, reduced document retrieval and approval from several minutes to only seconds and improved efficiency on the production line.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result

Problem addressed:

Aeroflex was operating on an outdated system that was becoming less compatible with current software solutions due to the age of the application in use. A document management solution that would be easy to administer, was scalable and could provide transparency to auditors was required.

Drivers for change:

Aeroflex was trying to achieve better management of all controlled product and process documentation and streamlining the change management and distribution process. The Trubiquity team collaborated with Aeroflex to create a smooth transition from Aeroflex’s old system to TRUcentrix.


We Can Do This for You

Trubiquity worked with Aeroflex to provide a centralized system for secure, Web-based document control and collaboration by implementing TRUcentrix. The solution was deployed rapidly to manage all of their controlled product and process documentation, streamlining their change management and distribution processes. Trubiquity’s TRUcentrix team collaborated with Aeroflex to create a seamless transition from their old legacy system to TRUcentrix. More than 40,000 legacy documents were ported over, and an extensive document clean up was also initiated and completed. An electronic signature sign-off system was also implemented.


Challenges Encountered & Overcome

Aeroflex required a comprehensive document management solution for four distinctive product lines, each with 20 products apiece. At a given moment, inspectors and operators needed access to the latest versions of documentation for up to 80 products, and the company’s current system had begun to falter due to age and the associated problems of interfacing with new software solutions.


Here’s Proof of the Success

Aeroflex Microelectronics Solutions now enjoys increased productivity and time savings for documentation retrieval across production activities. TRUcentrix now enables Aeroflex to manage documents in a way that is fast, efficient and – above all else – completely reliable and available. More than 300 users can retrieve the documents they need in as little as two to three seconds, a significant improvement over the previous system, which took several minutes to complete a simple log-in.


Other benefits include:


  • Increased productivity through e-mail notification when documentation is disseminated for approval
  • Overall 20% time savings in document management
  • Reduced document retrieval and approval time from several minutes to in-an-instant
  • Improved efficiency on the production line