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Automotive Lighting
TRUfusion™ Enterprise for managed file transfer and hosted operations


Automotive / Exterior Lighting


A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Automotive Lighting, a subsidiary of Magneti Marelli, is a global leader in exterior automobile lighting. They were seeking a solution to automate and decentralize their data exchange as well as integrate that solution with the company’s facilities in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


Automotive Lighting chose Trubiquity’s TRUfusion™ Enterprise solution because of its functionality as a central data processing center which would enable the automation and decentralization of data exchange and integration of the company’s global facilities. This would help them boost their productivity and also provide a solution which would require little training in order for their users to begin collaborating immediately.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Problem addressed:

A key motivation for Automotive Lighting was the need for a managed solution that would handle operations and maintenance with an established service level agreement. Ultimately, Automotive Lighting sought a managed global data exchange solution that would help improve usability, cost, flexibility and collaboration with the company’s globally dispersed network of customers and suppliers.

Drivers for change:

Automotive Lighting performed a competitive evaluation of four competing software providers. They performed a review based on user-friendliness, competitive costs and robust functionality. After their analysis was complete, Automotive Lighting selected Trubiquity to implement TRUfusion Enterprise to help them achieve their business goals.


We Can Do This for You

Trubiquity delivered TRUfusion Enterprise as an automated CAD data exchange system for four Automotive Lighting sites around the world incorporating more than 300 users, and including CATIA V5 integration as the main CAD system. As part of the implementation process, Trubiquity seamlessly integrated nearly 200 customers and suppliers into TRUfusion Enterprise by migrating data from Automotive Lighting’s legacy system. The new system also extended CAD data exchange for Automotive Lighting via Trubiquity’s TRUeurex-c™ solution which is compatible with OFTP V1 and OFTP2.


With the help of Trubiquity, Automotive Lighting implemented a managed global data exchange solution that helped them improve usability, cost, flexibility and collaboration with the company’s globally dispersed network of customers and suppliers.


Challenges Encountered & Overcome

Automotive Lighting was looking to improve costs, usability and collaboration with globally dispersed suppliers and customers. As Automotive Lighting transitioned from a joint venture between Bosch and Magneti Marelli, the company conducted a review of its data exchange practices and identified several opportunities for improvement.


At the time of the implementation, Trubiquity was tasked with on-boarding 200 customers and suppliers to the new TRUfusion Enterprise system. The legacy system had a built-in portal that connected to TRUfusion Enterprise initially. Later, that portal was replaced by TRUfusion Enterprise Portal – a standard solution used by many Trubiquity customers. This approach allowed Automotive Lighting to continue data exchange work during the migration and implementation without interruption. At the completion of the project, Automotive Lighting had the scalability it needed to seamlessly expand to 851 partners, encompassing 2,300 total external contacts and 317 internal users spread over four
geographic locations.


Here’s Proof of the Success

The TRUfusion Enterprise solution for data exchange and process automation helped boost productivity for Automotive Lighting with no additional training required for its users. Operations are run by workflow and users quickly adapted to the new system’s navigation. The TRUfusion Enterprise system managed nearly 7,300 jobs annually for Automotive Lighting.


The return on investment was excellent, as the cost savings provided by TRUfusion Enterprise allowed Automotive Lighting to amortize the transition costs of the project within the first 12 months of its implementation. “Trubiquity provided a complete system for managed operations as well as support services for installation, data exchange operations, monitoring and running the ticket system where issues and requirements are entered.”– Bernhard Klar, R&D CAD Support Manager for Automotive Lighting