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Entropic Communications
Flexible web-based Purchase Requisition (PR) approval process


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A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Entropic Communications is a global semiconductor company that manufactures set-top box (STB) and system-on-a-chip (SoC) silicon solutions which seamlessly support the transition from traditional broadcast to IP streaming video gallery. Entropic has been successfully using Trubiquity’s TRUcentrix™ platform since 2008, to automate many of their common business processes including Purchase Requisitions (PRs). In some cases, PRs processed by Entropic must be approved by different levels of management based upon spending limits and other criteria pre-defined in TRUcentrix.


In 2012, Entropic acquired the STB SoC business unit from Trident Microsystems. This acquisition opened Entropic to new markets in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Entropic contacted Trubiquity to assist in modifying TRUcentrix to accommodate new currencies and new department structures due to the acquisition. TRUcentrix would help Entropic successfully process PRs in several new currencies and create new “approval” logic for the unique departments in each of their new office locations.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Problem addressed:

New office locations acquired from Trident Microsystems brought unique department structures to Entropic which were not compatible with TRUcentrix at the time. Entropic had the ability to process PRs in US currency, however with new global offices that was no longer sufficient. The new offices also brought unique department structures which required individual spending limits and criteria to determine if a member of management was required to approve the transaction.

Drivers for change:

Entropic needed to add individual currencies to support their new offices in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom while continuing to support their US based operations. They also required new department structures to support those offices while at the same time having the flexibility to add new departments in the future. Trubiquity was able to incorporate all of the required features and functionalities to Entropic’s existing TRUcentrix application in less than one month’s time.


We Can Do This for You

By modifying Entropic’s existing TRUcentrix application, Trubiquity helped them achieve their goal of having one flexible, global system to approve PRs. After the implementation, administrators could easily populate location profiles with specific rules and budgetary limits. These rules and budgetary limits would determine if a Manager, Director or Executive would be required to approve the PR. Also, to make it easier to add new locations in the future, Trubiquity created a set of department profiles so that administrators could easily create unique departments for new locations, or expand the existing ones. These department lists were included in the requisition form based upon the origin of the purchaser, making it easier to track each PR through the system.


These changes to TRUcentrix did not affect the overall user experience — the existing users required no new training. In less than one month, Entropic employees were processing PRs in their new locations in: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.


Challenges Encountered & Overcome

The most pressing challenge was incorporating PR approval logic for the new locations as each one had a unique set of departments, associated approval rules and delegation of authority limits. All purchases in the original version of the application required approval by a series of Managers, Directors or Executives based on the amount of the purchase and other criteria.


Here’s Proof of the Success

Entopic now has a solution that is easily scalable and gives them the freedom to expand their business processes as their business grows. The TRUcentrix platform and associate Developer Studio module allow Entropic to make these changes
without having to re-design and re-build workflow from scratch. Entropic can now keep up with rapidly changing business requirements despite often limited IT resources.


“We were impressed with the flexibility of the web-based Trubiquity TRUcentrix platform. In about one month, we were able to streamline our procurement process and scale to more than 14 offices worldwide, without disruption.”– Frank Finnerty, Senior IT Manager, Entropic