Federal-Mogul Corp.

Cloud CAD data exchange – reduce complexity, improve reliability


Automotive / Powertrain and Safety Technology


A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Federal-Mogul Corporation is a leading global supplier of powertrain and safety technologies, serving the world’s foremost original equipment manufacturers of automotive, light commercial, heavy-duty, agricultural, marine, rail, off-road and industrial vehicles — as well as the worldwide aftermarket.


Trubiquity could help Federal-Mogul with a secure and efficient, externally hosted and maintained solution, TRUexchange™ (TRUexchange + OFTP in Europe), for its global data exchange. By moving to an externally hosted solution, Federal-Mogul could realize significantboperational, user experience and cost achievements.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Problem addressed:

Federal-Mogul utilized one data exchange solution on an internally hosted server in the United States and two legacy ENGDAT/OFTP based systems in Europe. The three local installations required significant administrative effort and related costs. They also would have to manually migrate all of their users to a new system if one was adopted.

Drivers for change:

Trubiquity could implement an externally hosted data exchange solution to eliminate the need for local hardware and software administrative costs. They also could manage the on-boarding of external data exchange partners into various TRUexchange communities and connections to their OFTP partners.


We Can Do This for You

Trubiquity turned Federal-Mogul’s goals into improvements in their operations and user experience — the implementation also lowered their costs by eliminating the need for internally administered and maintained servers and hosted software by decommissioning three internal servers and one ISDN line. Federal-Mogul employees and partners now share a common user interface globally, and have their files and information stored in one centralized location which they can access from any desktop or laptop device with a secure internet connection.


Challenges Encountered & Overcome

Federal-Mogul’s transition from their legacy data exchange solution was complex due to their three separate internal networks and many dispersed corporate and partner locations. In North America, 4 OEMs, 5 Federal-Mogul locations and
80 Federal-Mogul users were migrated to the new system, — in Europe, 9 OEMs, 16 suppliers and Tier 1 suppliers with a total of 285 contacts, 9 Federal-Mogul locations and 45 Federal-Mogul users were migrated.


TRUexchange is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solution. This allowed the implementation of Federal-Mogul’s globally dispersed team to go smoothly and quickly. Trubiquity assisted Federal-Mogul in the configuration of the application and then handled the on-boarding of all of it’s internal and external users. The onboarding process was brief since TRUexchange works from a central server and there is no need to install new hardware or software to each user’s local computing device.


Here’s Proof of the Success

Trubiquity implemented the managed file transfer solution TRUexchange in North America, and TRUexchange + OFTP in Europe. By doing so, Federal-Mogul now has all of their data hosted in a single location externally, and all of their employees and partners have “anytime, anywhere” access to all PLM data exchange related functions. This has enabled Federal-Mogul to eliminate their local components — (i.e.) hardware and software – helping to reduce internal administration effort and cost. Trubiquity also manages the on-boarding of their external data exchange partners into various TRUexchange communities.


“We were looking for an integrated solution that could cover the standard communication protocols required by OEMs in North America as well as in Europe. Only Trubiquity could provide such a solution to meet our requirements”– Andreas Roessler, Engineering Competency Center Manager CAD, CAE, EDI, Federal-Mogul Information Systems


“Trubiquity was chosen as a partner also because of our long-term experience with them. Their solutions for managed file transfer plus the capability to implement the required standards within time and budget, convinced us to do this project with Trubiquity.”– Andreas Roessler, Engineering Competency Center Manager CAD, CAE, EDI, Federal-Mogul Information Systems


“With this project we have been able to reduce complexity in our IT landscape by eliminating three points of administration, while actually improving system reliability. Trubiquity has provided Federal-Mogul with a more efficient and cost-effective way to exchange PLM related data with our customers and suppliers worldwide without the need for up-front infrastructure investment and without having to manage and support various systems”– Andreas Roessler, Engineering Competency Center Manager CAD, CAE, EDI, Federal-Mogul Information Systems