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Full EDI Capabilities and Seamless ERP System Integration for Improved Data Exchange and Workflow Process Efficiency


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A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Enhanced efficiency of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)-based communications throughout the supply chain with ERP system integration and process automation

cable1-webPure sound is tradition for in-akustik (, a company of the German Braun group. For more than 30 years the name in-akustik has stood for outstanding sound technology and quality in the audio/hi-fi scene. With a portfolio encompassing in-house manufactured home hi-fi video cables and speakers as well as music and film DVD’s, it features a range of products including multi-media installations that combine high-end sound technology with stylish furnishing. Partners, suppliers and several thousand customers appreciate the quality of in-akustik’s broad portfolio.

Many of in-akustik’s business transactions are generated via the PhonoNet data hub and network. PhonoNet is one of the largest electronic ordering and information systems for the audio industry and for specialist retailers offering audio products. As a PhonoNet partner, in-akustik is able to offer customers the opportunity to submit orders via a centralized shopping cart and perform comprehensive online research.

By implementing the TRUedx™ Enterprise solution, Trubiquity not only provided in-akustik with full EDI capabilities but also a seamless integration of their new Infor ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Employing the TRUedx™ Enterprise solution helped in-akustik cost-effectively improve data flow as well as business communications process efficiency.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Full EDI capabilities and seamless integration of the new Infor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system


Problem addressed:

To exchange commercial and master data with its business partners, in-akustik used an external enterprise solution and various in-house applications that were stretched to their limits with regard to workflow management. In view of the increasing demand in transactions and communications, in-akustik decided to replace the existing system with a new EDI infrastructure. As core requirements, the new solution would have to improve control of internal workflows, allow for end-to-end process automation, and encompass integration of the new Infor ERP system into the EDI-based communications of the company.

Drivers for change:

in-akustik entrusted Trubiquity with the integration of the new Infor ERP system which included the implementation of all necessary interfaces and converters. in-akustik’s decision to select Trubiquity as a solution and service provider was based upon Trubiquity’s technical competence as data exchange specialists and its extensive ERP system integration expertise as a result of several hundred Infor ERP integrations in the automotive and retail industries. Trubiquity has a long track record of success implementing TRUedx™ Enterprise, a proven enterprise workflow and converter solution, making integrations of Infor ERP systems an easy, cost-effective and seamless operation.


We Can Do This for You

Improved control of data exchange processes by implementation of TRUedx™ Enterprise in combination with the new ERP system

cable2-webTo process orders, confirmations, invoices, and delivery notes or to create and update master data and sales reports, in-akustik employees used database queries and Excel files as source formats, which then had to be converted into the PhonoNet or other business partner formats. By implementing TRUedx™ Enterprise, Trubiquity met the customer’s need for the required PhotoNet interfaces as well as performed the PhotoNet format conversions into or out of the Infor standard. This integration of the Infor system was routine as Trubiquity, a longstanding Infor partner, has provided multiple finely-tuned ERP integrations that met Infor ERP system requirements.

The mobile recording devices used by the sales force were also connected to the TRUedx™ Enterprise system. Now, as orders are taken on site, they are automatically converted into structured data, and sent to in-austik headquarters via notebook. The TRUedx™ Enterprise system collects the data and submits it to the Infor ERP system where it is read and immediately processed ensuring full compliance with industry standards. No data import is required; the order process is fully automated delivering goods to the customer without delay. Through the use of TRUedx™ Enterprise solution, in-aukustik was able to significantly improve internal workflow automation and data exchange process efficiency.


Here’s Proof of the Success

Automated business processing and improved management of internal data exchange processes

By deploying the TRUedx™ Enterprise software solution, in-akustik was able to realize substantial improvements in internal data flow management. In fact, implementation of the solution and integration of the new Infor ERP system took place without restricting continuous operation of the company. The company now has fully automated order processing, integration of the field force as well as support of VMI (Vendor Management Inventory). Processes run at staggered times while TRUedx™ Enterprise operates as a background service collecting electronically submitting data from the sales force and transferring the data to the ERP system for immediate processing. Conversely, the data is imported from the ERP system, converted into the required formats in compliance with the specifications of the business partners, and then communicated through the supply chain.


“The new Trubiquity system provides uncomplicated communications and conversion processes in a secure EDI environment. It enables in-akustik to control and manage its internal workflows and external data exchange processes with its business partners. Transparency in data traffic has significantly increased. Now the data input and output can be tracked in real time. Automatic error notifications ensure that issues are reported immediately which provides us the possibility to counteract in time.”– Oliver Hengst, Purchasing Manager at in-akustik.