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Higher levels of automation and improved data quality


Automotive / Thermal Management


A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Modine Europe GmbH engineers, test and manufacture thermal management products, components and systems in the area of heat transfer and storage technology for use in various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) applications and to a wide range of global markets.


Trubiquity teamed with Modine to help them increase levels of automation and transparency with CAD data exchange using TRUfusion™ Enterprise and TRUeurex-c™. Modine also required a new system that would readily support current communications protocols to ease communication with their global partners and customers. The combination of TRUfusion Enterprise and TRUeurex-c support all common communication protocols as well as automate the process of choosing the appropriate protocol for different communication types and the various geographies to which communications are sent.

How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Problem addressed:

Modine’s European operations employees were working on an outdated data exchange system that no longer supported common communication methods associated with CAD data exchange (i.e.) Odette OFTP, ENX, ENGDAT, etc. There were also many manual processes involved with the administration and use of their existing data exchange system.

Drivers for change:

Modine’s goal was to implement a new system that would be compatible with all of the common communication methods associated with CAD data exchange, significantly enhance the quality and reliability of CAD data exchange processes and automate many of their repetitive manual processes.


We Can Do This for You

Trubiquity’s implementation of TRUfusion Enterprise at Modine automates the entire process of design data exchange. Workflow optimization, enhancement of data quality and data security are achieved due to integrated software tools for viewing, translating, encrypting, sharing and reporting while seamlessly integrating with PLM and CAD systems. TRUfusion Enterprise’s database is used to store and manage the data exchange process ensuring all key activities are tracked and guaranteeing the sending and receiving of data is guaranteed.
TRUeurex-c, a client/server solution for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), was integrated with TRUfusion Enterprise to provide the automation of Odette OFTP based data exchanges. This helps make Modine’s communication seamless and consistent for users who are collaborating and communicating with each other through the user interface.


Challenges Encountered & Overcome

Modine’s legacy system could not provide an easy to use, well managed data handling workflow. Trubiquity found the following trouble areas for Modine:


  • TAR containers were sent without the “.tar” extension
  • Incoming Pro/ENGINEER files were renamed improperly by the system and could not be opened by the application
  • No automated deletion of temporary files on the server
  • ENGDAT abstract files and the content of TAR and ZIP containers could not be viewed
  • No transmission progress indicator

Using TRUfusion Enterprise, Modine can now automate many manual process such as converting files to their correct formats and making sure each file has the correct file extension associated to it. They can also ensure that out-dated or bad data files stored in digital workspaces is moved or deleted in order to cut down on user confusion.


Here’s Proof of the Success

By implementing TRUfusion Enterprise coupled with TRUeurex-c, Modine was able to quickly replace their legacy system with minimal training needed for their administrators and users. They replaced complex and often manual processes with highly efficient automated, and user friendly processes.


“With the help of Trubiquity we met the challenges we were facing with no risks because we benefited from deploying mature and reliable products which have successfully proven their value in our industry sector. We have enhanced the quality of our CAD data exchange considerably and reduced the need for “traffic control” in the area of data handling, data security and with the workflow between our customers and plants.”– Andreas Willmann, CAD Support, Modine Europe