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Nipro Diagnostics
Save time by automating sales order entry into your existing ERP systems


Healthcare / Medical Device Manufacturing


A Successful Business Outcome for Our Customer

Nipro Diagnostics is the leading supplier of co-branded blood glucose monitoring systems to retailers throughout North America. Trubiquity partnered with Nipro Diagnostic personnel to automate and streamline the product promotion process within their Sales and Marketing departments.


Achievements included the replacement of a manual, time consuming Order Entry process with one that is completely automated and greatly reduces the chance of errors resulting from manual entry. In addition, Nipro was able to reallocate internal resources to focus more intently on their core business. Finally, substantial cost savings of approximately $45,000 per year were recognized.


How We Worked with Our Customer to Achieve this Result


Problem addressed:

Nipro personnel were using a time consuming, manual process to manage approval and distribution of promotional items inventory using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. A process of order consolidation and sales order entry into
QAD consumed approximately six hours per day. This multi-point manual entry process was prone to errors. Nipro Diagnostics executives had a goal to achieve a more efficient and accurate order entry process as well as better utilization of their Customer Service Representatives’ time.

Drivers for change:

Incorporate process automation to drive cost savings, reallocate resources, execute more accurate order entry and save time. Trubiquity strategically partnered with the highly skilled staff of Nipro Diagnostics to develop an Online Order Entry Form to replace the Excel spreadsheets. Creating a flat-file from the data entered into the form to load into QAD as a Sales Order, effectively replaced the manual order entry system.


We Can Do This for You

Trubiquity translated Nipro’s business goals into technical specifications, outlined deliverables and timing. Nipro created a website form and CSV file from orders entered by Sales and Marketing personnel. Trubiquity and the Nipro team determined which information to extract from the website orders, how to sequence the extracted information and place it into a CSV file. The CSV file was then pushed to Nipro’s QAD environment.


The Trubiquity team electronically and automatically transferred the CSV export files to TRUedx™, Trubiquity’s EDI solution for global manufacturers, deployed at Nipro Diagnostics. Each CSV file (sales order) posted on the TRUedx web portal allowed for maximum visibility by Nipro’s Customer Service Representatives.


Challenges Encountered & Overcome

Orders had pricing issues that were inherent in the creation process outside of TRUedx. Trubiquity worked closely, together with Nipro and other organizations, to resolve the issue and streamline the process.


Here’s Proof of the Success

“As the architect of the Samples & Free Meter site, my vision for this solution was one of complete sales order lifecycle automation. I needed my sales force to have the ability to enter orders for promising prospects with ease & swiftness while having the entire backend process automated. This would allow them to focus on converting those prospects into customers and not waste valuable contact time and potentially lose the prospect by tracking down order status and shipment statuses of orders.


I achieved these using two very professional consultants, L. Anthony Johnson Consulting & Trubiquity. Both of which I have engaged, for a combined eight years on many projects, for their impeccable professionalism, expertise and timely project implementations. L. Anthony Johnson Consulting created the Web interface, UI and functionality for the solution through a mix of and SQL Server backend. The solution is completely automated, database driven and provides a full view of the entire lifecycle of the order to our sales force at all times. Most importantly the end result is a solution that was delivered on time, is extremely simple to use, simple to adapt to changing needs/product lines and is a complete hit with our Sales Force.


I engaged Trubiquity for the heavy EDI lifting of the project. Having an excellent eight year relationship using Trubiquity for all Nipro EDI data and projects, I naturally turned to their expertise yet again. I engaged Trubiquity with the task of transforming our data into EDI and providing the pipeline for that data insertion into our QAD ERP system. This level of automation eliminated the need for manual order entry and accelerated fulfillment of those orders to those vital prospects. Trubiquity seamlessly integrated these custom orders into our existing EDI pipeline and effectively eliminated order entry lag. Using the EDX tool provided by Trubiquity, we were able to track the backend EDI process of the orders.


I am extremely pleased by the results from both sets of consultants. Their level of professionalism and ability to consistently deliver projects on time without costly delay made the project an outstanding success. The Sales and Marketing depts. completely love the solution…as they say the proof is in the pudding. Sales and Marketing have both asked for more implementations of a similar solution to use in other product lines and promotions.


I would fully recommend L. Anthony Johnson Consulting and Trubiquity to anyone that has a critical project need, requiring expert level knowledge and tight delivery deadlines.”


Manuel A. Rodriguez
Database – EDI Administrator
Nipro Diagnostics


“The sample/free meter project implementation has eliminated the data entry of sample/free meter orders. In addition, it has eliminated any data entry errors. Overall, the project has made my team’s job simpler and more efficient.”– Frank Stabio, Customer Service & Logistics Manager, Nipro Diagnostics