SC21 (21st Century Supply Chains)

Improve Supply Chain Performance.
Maximize Collaborative Strength.

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SC21 (21st Century Supply Chains)

Raising Supply Chain Performance for Competitive Advantage & Profitable Growth in the UK Aerospace, Security, Space and Defense Industries

What is SC21?
Supply Chains for the 21st Century (SC21) is an improvement program designed to increase the performance of suppliers and ultimately their supply chains within the UK aerospace and defense industry. The program is a collaborative effort with ADS, a premier trade organization focused on advancing the UK Aerospace, Defense, Security and Space industries. ADS leads the program at a national level, working with signatory companies, primes, regional trade associations (RTA’s), strategic partners and accredited training providers.

SC21 has over 600 signatories on the program. The SC21 program also includes groups of industry representatives that support the development of special areas of interest.

In addition, with signatories at various stages of their improved performance journey (ie) continuous improvement planning, carrying out business excellence diagnostics, receiving an accredited award, etc., the SC21 signatories can support each other regardless of their position on the pathway to excellence.

Companies participating in the SC21 program could benefit from it in the following ways:

  • Overall Business Benefits — lead time reduction, reduced inventory, consistent forecasting, reduced number of backlogs, reduced warranty claims
  • Quality Improvements — quality cost reduction, reduced cost of scrap & rework, reduced dispatch cost
  • Delivery Efficiency — improved delivery performance
  • Enhanced Relationships — Cross-company team collaboration, better contract management, long-term planning between customers and suppliers, communication before and during the manufacturing process, and fewer customer complaints.
  • Stakeholders Benefits — sharing resources, UK focus on improvement and competitiveness, SME support, cross-fertilization between Customers, Suppliers and key stakeholders

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