Securely Exchange CAD, PLM & EDI Data with Your Global Partners and Suppliers through OFTP2™

We can help you streamline communication with your Global Supply Chain by using OFTP2, the ODETTE protocol for exchanging CAD, PLM and EDI data via the Internet. OFTP2 helps you manage global trading partner electronic communications ensuring compliant and secure file transfer. Our experts can guide you through new OFTP2 installations or migrations from legacy systems – quickly and easily.Here’s how our customers benefit from our OFTP2 compliant solutions:


OFTP2 compatible TRUexchange, TRUfusion Enterprise, TRUedx and TRUeurex-c solutions can be used everywhere since they are all web based applications. On-premise versions of these products are available.



Moving a 500 MB file with FTP, or even OFTP v1 coupled with an ISDN connection, can take up to 20 hours to transfer. Using our OFTP2 technology over a high speed internet connection can transmit the same file in 15 to 30 minutes.


Cost Savings

The need for new hardware and software is eliminated by using the internet, lowering your costs and implementation time.



By using certificates mechanisms in OFTP2 for channel protection, file encryption, documents and end-to-end response signature, your files will have one of the highest levels of OFTP security available today.


File Size

TRUexchange is Trubiquity’s OFTP2 CAD service that enables very large CAD/CAM/CAE file transfers.



Restart broken transmissions, pull and push transfer.