Challenged with Integrating Data between Your Manufacturing Facilities across the Globe?

Every day global manufacturers, in the automotive, aerospace, retail, consumer goods industries, use our TRUedx™ on-demand EDI (electronic data interchange) technology to complete transactions with their trading partners.


  • Easily exchange data with both EDI and non-EDI enabled partners, regardless of time, location or system configuration.
  • Peace of mind – We ensure compliance with industry-specific requirements and support all common communications protocols and standards.

Companies Using TRUedx



  • Easily Share Data

    Share data stored in ERP systems

  • On-board New Players with Ease

    Quickly onboard new partners & suppliers

  • Share Data with Non-Compatible Systems

    Exchange data with EDI & non-EDI partners

  • Data Automation & Integration

    Rapid processing across systems & geographies

  • Easily Configurable Mapping & Translation

    For faster exchange, increased visibility

  • Flexible Deployment

    In the Cloud or On-premise models

And, because we provide a ready-made integration with their ERP system, they’re able to benefit from unified data exchange protocols and processes across their entire manufacturing organization. Our quickly implemented, easily configurable mapping & translation TRUedx™ solution affords our customers’ faster data exchange, lower costs and increased data visibility – allowing them to focus on the task at hand.  TRUedx is an OFTP2 compliant solution.



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