Reduce Costs by Automating Large File Exchange of your Critical Business Data

Our TRUexchange solution enables our customers to:


  • Control and Monitor the management and transmission of Large and/or Sensitive Files to authorized employees, partners and customers.
  • Authorize community members to Quickly and Easily Transfer Files of any size or type using a Web browser and Internet connection
  • Provide administrators complete control over User On-boarding and Real-Time Visibility of all file transfer activity.

In manufacturing IT — it comes down to experience & expertise — that’s why our customers trust us to handle their critical file transfer activity 24/7 throughout global supply chains.


Companies Using TRUexchange



  • Send & Receive Files of Any Size or Format

    To approved users within & outside your company

  • Easy On-Boarding Process

    With administrative approval steps

  • Endpoint-to-Endpoint Security

    Via authentication, public/private key encryption

  • Visibility

    Through pending transfer status and post transfer activity reports

  • Scalability

    From within your department to throughout the supply chain

  • Communications Protocols

    Supports OFTP2 compliance


With TRUexchange, our customers:


  • Benefit from Anytime, Anywhere Access to Managed File Transfer (MFT) functionality without any local hardware or software – it’s all in the Cloud.
  • Can control and monitor User Authentication and Authorization
  • Realize the value of Private Key Encryption security
  • Enjoy fast and reliable File Transfer Speed

Our customers know their intellectual property is safe and they’re in good hands with a technology company that pioneered the development of Cloud-based MFT software and has a successful 25-year track record. 


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