TRUfusion Enterprise

Automate Your Product Design Process with Internal Teams, Partners & Suppliers and Add Speed to your CAD, PLM File Exchange

An efficient product design process is essential to getting products to market quickly.  Working with internal teams, partners and suppliers across the globe is crucial to keep the product development process moving.  We can help you move it faster by providing the ability to exchange data within a wide spectrum of regional standards, protocols and storage locations.


Companies Using TRUfusion Enterprise



  • Connectivity & Collaboration

    On product design initiatives — anytime, anywhere

  • Visibility

    Security and traceability of important product design assets

  • Reduce Costs & Risks

    Of importing, exporting and transporting design data

  • Easily Use Product Data

    Stored in CAD, PDM and PLM systems

  • Quality, Standards & Compliance

    Is ensured throughout all product design activities

Using our TRUfusion Enterprise solution, our customers can quickly exchange large, complex files residing in CAD, PDM and PLM systems as well as view, translate, share and report on engineering data. They enjoy the security of end-to-end data traceability ensuring their intellectual property is protected.


Our TRUfusion Enterprise solution has:


  •  PDM, CAD, translator and viewer integration for collaboration across all standard systems
  •  Configurable libraries that ensure data is available, up-to-date and secure across business partners
  •  Automated partner profiling to manage data exchange preferences and requirements
  •  Robust user authentication and management models for security and compliance
  •  Comprehensive transaction logging, real-time dashboards and reports.

TRUfusion Enterprise is an award winning configurable solution for manufacturing organizations to automate, control and manage data exchange and collaboration activities. Combined with our TRUexchange solution, TRUfusion Enterprise provides global data exchange capabilities among trading partners, regardless of network connection or data authoring requirements, while seamlessly integrating PLM and CAD data. It accommodates OFTP, OFTP2, EDGDAT, ISDN, ANX, ENX and HTTPS communications protocols, platforms, standards and messaging.



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