Looking for a More Efficient and Secure Procurement Process?

Compiling, distributing and shipping bid information slows down the quotation (RFx) process adding to lead time and expense. Many email systems lack the security and bandwidth to send these bid packages safely. With supply fluctuations and added pressure to innovate, streamlining procurement activities is often high on the list – that’s where our TRUsource technology comes to play.



  • Automated Procurement Process

    RFx development, distribution and response tracking

  • Pre-configured Supplier Questionnaires

    To speed supplier response and reporting

  • Single Place for RFx Information

    Including compilation, delivery and responses

  • Control Versions & Approvals

    Robust RFx versioning, collaboration and approval workflows

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    User management and access privileges for small & large teams

  • End-to-end Tracking and Visibility

    Of RFx communications for security and compliance


Aggregate & distribute bid content in a secure, auditable and efficient manner with TRUsource technology. Available across all connectivity methods and communication protocols, it will assist you in establishing and automating your RFx process throughout the product lifecycle – from engineering design to manufacturing and maintenance.


TRUsource helps global manufacturers:


  • Reduce time and costs with immediate electronic bid delivery and submittals
  • Distribute complex bid data (including large, complex files) for view by suppliers
  • Allow various stakeholders to contribute to bids through built-in workflows
  • Meet compliance and security requirements through automated transaction logging &  reporting
  • Protect intellectual property through user authentication, authorization and encryption
  • Ensure up to date bid data with our version synchronization



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