Project Collaboration

Maintain Your Competitive Edge –
Empower Multi-Enterprise Project Teams to Quickly and Securely Collaborate Online.

Today’s complex manufacturing environment involves Strategic Business Alliances, Joint Venture Partnership and Global Supply Chains.  Despite cultural, legal, technological and geographic barriers, manufacturers must join forces to drive product innovation and competitiveness.  Multi-enterprise project/product teams need prompt access to a secure online environment that fosters collaboration, real-time status monitoring and problem solving without risking loss of intellectual property


For manufacturers in any industry, our B2B Project Collaboration solutions are designed to help you seamlessly share, manage, review and approve data and documents within your own private trading partner community.


  • Quickly Share Files

    Of any size or type within secure project workspaces

  • Managed File Transfer (MFT) Functionality

    Securely send large files with detailed reports of all activity

  • Manage Document Revisions

    Create document approval processes, maintain revision history & use automated notifications

  • Easily Find Important Files

    Find documents by full text search or report queries.  Share saved searches & reports

  • Monitor Project Tasks in Real-Time

    Assign, monitor & approve critical tasks with task list templates & dashboards to monitor status

  • Strong Security

    Supports multi-enterprise collaboration & conform to your IT policies

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A decisive factor in selecting Trubiquity was its comprehensive product suite and considerable experience in the automotive industry. In fact, many of our major customers also use Trubiquity "Mr. David Smith, IT Manager LEONI Wiring Systems U.K. Ltd.