Collaborate with Your Partners & Integrate the Flow of Information from Your Existing Enterprise Systems

TRUcentrix customers share information with their global partners & suppliers in a way that allows them to control and manage their shared data online. Manage hundreds of documents across multiple products, teams, and work locations.


  • Quickly set up Secure Online Project Areas, establish access rights and begin collaborating immediately.
  • Project teams can Share Files of Any Size or Type with remote team members or partners — all user activity is audited.
  • Enforce Document Revision Control, track revision history and easily manage critical action items.
  • Monitor Project Content and Status in Real-Time so that all team members are informed and up to date.

Companies Using TRUcentrix



  • 24/7 Access

    Anytime, anywhere access including your mobile device

  • Simple User-Friendly Interface

    Supports multiple languages and browser types

  • Fast Document Search

    Full text document search and security filtering

  • Business Process Automation

    Replace static forms & spreadsheets with workflow-driven eForms

  • Security

    Strong security and encryption – documents, intellectual property are safe

  • Scalable

    Flexible adaptability to changing standards and regulations

Auto industry – For APQP/PPAP, tracking thousands of part-specific tasks and related deliverables can be centrally managed across multiple suppliers & vehicle programs. Real-time visibility via color-coded dashboards and rollup reports means product launch status is just a click away.  TRUcentrix supports APQP/PPAP, ISO/TS16949, and ITAR.


Regardless of your business process challenges, TRUcentrix is an excellent and cost effective alternative to content management/collaboration platforms developed for corporate intranets.


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