Trubiquity and AESSiS Partner to Maximize the Benefits of PLM Process Automation in the Supply Chain


Rochester Hills, Mich. – March 30th, 2010 – Trubiquity, a leading international provider of global managed data exchange (MDE) and business process integration solutions, today announced that it has signed a business agreement with AESSiS, a company staffed by independent PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) industry specialists with deep experience working with organizations around the world to enhance productivity performance with respect to their PLM related business processes. Trubiquity and AESSiS will partner on customer projects that require independent and impartial advice and innovative solutions for connecting, moving and sharing product design data and business documents to facilitate and improve business to business collaboration, especially in situations where there are extensive supply chain requirements.

More and more companies are investing to PLM systems to help them manage their product design data. Trubiquity provides its customers with software solutions, including TRUfusion Enterprise, to automate and manage product design data exchange processes across the entire supply chain while maintaining control, quality assurance and intellectual property security. Trubiquity and AESSiS have collaborated on a number of PLM customer projects over the past two years to successfully maximize the benefits of PLM.

“Signing this agreement formalizes our partnership and will enable both companies to collaborate with our customers at all stages of a PLM-supply chain related project, even through to operation and support”, said Dr. Martyn Davies, Vice President of Trubiquity.

“”AESSiS are passionate about helping manufacturing and technology businesses to build better engineering & product development processes and improve control over their information and intellectual property. Now, with our partner Trubiquity, we look forward to helping more Trubiquity Inc companies to find a reliable way through to the simplicity, speed & improvements in business performance they need”, said Graham McCall, Managing Director of AESSiS.

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About AESSiS

AESSiS is headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, UK. AESSiS work with manufacturing and technology businesses to build better engineering & product development processes and improve control over the information and intellectual property that results via the planning & implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies. Visit

About Trubiquity
Trubiquity is a leading global provider of MFT (managed file transfer), process automation and integration solutions for 6,500 companies with 60,000 users in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare and consumer goods industries. For more than 25 years, Trubiquity solutions have helped world class companies and partners better communicate, collaborate, integrate and automate business critical data ensuring security and compliance with rigorous international standards. Trubiquity is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA with international offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit