Trubiquity Launches New EDI Archiving Solution: TRUedx Archive


New Trubiquity solution enables compliance with regulatory requirements for electronic data archiving including the management, retrieval and provision of any type of EDI based data and documents while minimizing costs in terms of time and manpower

Rochester Hills, Mich. – June 8th, 2010 – Trubiquity, a leading international provider of global managed data exchange (MDE) and business process integration solutions, announced its new product offering TRUedx archive, an EDI archiving solution, providing rganizations with a new, flexible and reliable system to meet the requirements for long term data and document storage in accordance with the applicable law and regulations. The comprehensive features of TRUedx archive allow for full legal compliance with regard to electronic archiving of relevant electronic business and tax data.

Organizations are facing increasing regulations including a set of foundational obligations. They are required:

  • to comply up to ten years with statutory periods of record-keeping
  • to guarantee that the stored data is available and accessible at any time in the original format or can be reproduced in a format that can be read by a person until the expiration of the statutory period
  • to meet safety requirements with regard to access authorization, data integrity and retrieval of digital data.

Trubiquity’s TRUedx solution delivers comprehensive features to meet these obligations. Electronic data can be imported directly from different EDI systems, e.g. accounting and/or ERP systems, and can be archived compliant to auditing requirements. Intelligent search options allow quick access to stored digital documents and also a full audit trail of the business Trubiquity Inc processes. The imported data is available at the press of a button and can be reproduced in different ways. TRUedx allows for reproducing a document in its original EDI format or as a form, e.g. an invoice form. Furthermore, the reproduction of the document in the IDEA format, which is required by auditors and inspectors of the tax authorities, is also available. dns information Integrated safety functions as well as the option to integrate TRUedx archive with established archiving systems complete the solution’s scope of features.

“In today’s business companies are facing the challenge to develop long-term data archiving policies and practices and to implement methods that leverage and integrate with their existing infrastructure. By developing TRUedx archive it was Trubiquity’s goal to help organizations to manage such a dynamic and complex volume of information and to enable fully long-term compliance with regulatory requirements for electronic data archiving while minimizing costs in terms of time and manpower”, said Maureen Huber, Managing Director.

At the forthcoming Odette 25 International Conference and Exhibition for Supply Chain Management, IT and Telecommunications, Trubiquity will present examples of its managed data exchange (MDE) solutions, including TRUedx archive, at booth 8. The event is scheduled for 14 – 15 June 2010 at the Holiday Inn City Centre, Munich, Germany.

About Trubiquity
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