Trubiquity Launches Next Generation of B2B Data Exchange Solution


Rochester Hills, Mich. – June 10th, 2010 – Trubiquity, a leading international provider of global managed data exchange (MDE) and business process integration solutions, today announced the availability of TRUedx Enterprise Version 4.0, the next generation of Trubiquity’s premium solution for the management of commercial data exchange (EDI) and global supply chain integration.

TRUedx Enterprise can be deployed by various industries, such as retail, automotive, logistics, manufacturing or healthcare, providing them with a system to enhance collaboration with trading partners and achieve greater visibility and control over electronic data exchange workflows while simplifying the business-critical supply chain processes. The solution’s enterprise and B2B integration capabilities helps customers to maximize the benefits of B2B transactions by ensuring their workflow processes are automated, streamlined, integrated and coordinated with those of their business partners and also to be fully compliant with up-to-date communication standards.

Trubiquity has developed its TRUedx Enterprise solution to meet current and future EDI requirements. Key features of the solution include:

  • Integration with TRUeurex-c – Trubiquity’s well-established OFTP2-certified multi protocol data communication solution (supports also OFTP V1, FTP, X.400, etc.) which automates, controls and manages the exchange of both, commercial (EDI) and technical (CAD/PLM) data
  • High-performance and secure process control and conversion features
  • Numerous additional options like the set up and control of partner groups
  • Browser-based administration
  • Detailed evaluation and analysis options for process tracking
  • Support of today’s established operating system and hardware platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux)
  • UNICODE support (e.g. EDIFACT 4.0)
  • PDF print functionality / RFID tag generation
  • Connection/processing of XML messages
  • EDI archiving including the connection of archiving systems (optional)

“Leveraging two decades of EDI experience and profound industry knowledge in key sectors, Trubiquity designed TRUedx Enterprise to meet industry-specific EDI demands and requirements. Forward-looking companies are deploying Trubiquity’s B2B solutions to do more than just eliminate manual processes. They are using them to reduce operational costs by automating and simplifying workflow processes and to respond quickly to changes and new requirements in their supply chain by efficiently manage their data exchange processes” said Dave Foster, Global Technology Director at Trubiquity.

At the forthcoming Odette 25 International Conference and Exhibition for Supply Chain Management, IT and Telecommunications, Trubiquity will present examples of its managed data exchange (MDE) solutions, including TRUedx Enterprise, at booth 8. The event is scheduled for 14 – 15 June 2010 at the Holiday Inn City Centre, Munich, Germany.

About Trubiquity
Trubiquity is a leading global provider of MFT (managed file transfer), process automation and integration solutions for 6,500 companies with 60,000 users in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare and consumer goods industries. For more than 25 years, Trubiquity solutions have helped world class companies and partners better communicate, collaborate, integrate and automate business critical data ensuring security and compliance with rigorous international standards. Trubiquity is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA with international offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit