Trubiquity Solution Certified for OFTP2 Compliance by Odette


Rochester Hills, Mich. – February 4th, 2010 – Trubiquity, a leading international provider of global managed data exchange (MDE) and business process integration solutions, announced today that its B2B communication product TRUeurex-c has been certified by Odette International Ltd, the European automotive standards organization, as being fully compliant with the new OFTP2 communication protocol specifications. Upon successful completion of the last stage of interoperability tests including the verification of meeting all of OFTP2’s new security features, the solution has been issued official certification from Odette. TRUeurex-c is used by over 2,000 companies to enable CAD and EDI data exchange as a standalone or as a part of a more comprehensive Trubiquity or partner solution.

The OFTP File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) is a de facto standard for the automated standardized data exchange between trading partners within business sectors such as automotive, engineering and transportation. OFTP2, the new version of the protocol, was developed for secure data exchange globally over the public Internet, reducing data transport costs and increasing transmission speed dramatically. Trubiquity has played an active role in the Odette OFTP2 working group to ensure the development and release of this important standard and was involved in the initial development of the testing specifications.

“OFTP2 provides improved capabilities for data encryption, partner authentication, digital signatures, compression and other features. Our proven OFTP2 capabilities will provide added functionality to Trubiquity’s global managed data exchange solutions used by customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific”, said Klas Uhthoff, Trubiquity’s Technology Director.

Key automotive manufacturers have announced OFTP2 data exchange strategies in order to reduce communication costs and to benefit from a globally available, fast, reliable and secure communication protocol.   These strategies will require automotive supply chains to comply with the requirements by implementing the appropriate software. Therefore, Trubiquity has developed its OFTP2 solution TRUeurex-c and has incorporated support of OFTP2 into a number of its managed data exchange automation solutions, for instance TRUfusion Connect and TRUfusion Enterprise.

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