Using Technology to Better Manage your Supply Chain

By: Elke Heller on July 15th, 2013


using-tech-to-better-manage-supp-chainOne of the most serious risks in any supply chain comes through manual intervention, where human error can creep into transactions. Resolving issues caused by miskeyed data in purchase orders, waybills or invoices is costly and introduces delays into the supply chain. Reducing such errors with automation will directly lower supply chain management costs.
FTP and email solutions have helped increase the speed of communication between buyers and sellers, but has done little to reduce manual intervention. Automated EDI and secure file transfer solutions link systems between buyers and sellers, allowing data to flow up and down the supply chain without manual rekeying. Stock levels, order statuses, payment progress and more can be updated automatically between buyers and sellers, allowing each access to timely, accurate data at all times.
Using EDI to interface key business systems between supply chain partners ensures that data integrity is maintained and that records are accurate at both buyer and supplier end points. Where automation is used to synchronise data automatically, queries and issues are less likely to arise, keeping the supply of goods and materials flowing healthily. Payment disputes and invoice queries are also rarer because human error is, in the main, eliminated.
Where buyers can better define their product needs to suppliers, they are also more likely to receive exactly what they need. Both parties are well placed to manage their own stock levels, ensuring they never carry more inventory than required at any given moment.
Using automation to reduce human error is just one small way in which Trubiquity solutions, TRUedx and TRUcentrix can help improve supply chains. Additional cost saving benefits include reductions in headcount, managed data flow for more granular project management and automated processing to increase speed and efficiency of business operations.

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